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Welcome to our New Website!

New year, new you, new AWS! Arizona Women's Specialists is now SHAHealth! AWS has branched off under the SHAHealth umbrella and is proud to be apart of the new family tree; we are excited for the new opportunities this partnership will create & for all the upcoming enhancements our practice will be undergoing! Although we will be evolving, adding new technologies, and upgrades - rest assured our practice focus remains the same; ABC of Patient Care: ABSOLUTE BEST CARE.

After 25 years of service Dr. Shah and his team finally have gone digital... with our very own WEBSITE! Check us out online at www.SHAHealth.com - Our site has been under construction for nearly two weeks & today is the day we go LIVE! Simple in it's design, SHAHealth.com will be your one stop shop for every educational, inspirational, and for when you just need 'peace of mind'! Being a women can be a challenging, let's not let your health get in the way. It has been made to be incredibly user friendly, but we've made a small walk through just in case!

Home Page

The home page is the central hub for SHAHealth.com. You can read about our services, find our contact information, or send us a message all in the same spot!

Patient Portal

It is so important to us at Arizona Women's Specialists that our patients are well educated in and aware of their health. That is why we have now opened up our patient portal. The link will redirect you to the portal directly. Since we're moving towards becoming more technology-friendly and convenient, we're introducing the NEW Healow App. With this app you'll be able to access your medical information from the palm of your hand! It's very easy to set up and use. Of course, if you have questions you can always call our office!


This page serves as a mini menu of our many services. They have been grouped into five groups: Prenatal Care for FIRST Trimester (0-14 weeks), Family Planning, Gynecological Care, Monalisa Touch, Ultrasound, and In-office Lab. if you click the "Learn more" button under any of the five listed groups of services, a new screen will open up revealing more information about the service you're curious about. We have listed insurances we take, prices, and specific types of services.


For right now, this page is a work in progress. We are working on becoming more proactive with our patients and using your reviews to improve our practice. On the testimonials page, we have provided links to our yelp pages for both of our locations. There is also a yelp button at the bottom of the website. We would love to hear your feedback, so please do not hesitate to leave a review for us! Soon, we'll be sharing some of your reviews on our Testimonials page!


Get to know the providers and staff that will be working with you through all stages of your life. As a patient it is so important to know and trust the people that will be caring for you! Think about it, you wouldn't let just anybody look after your health. Get to know us on our About page!

Welcome to the Family

A page dedicated to you, your family, your new baby boy/girl! We are so proud of the mommas we see here! We'll be featuring weekly blog posts as well as instagram posts! Feel free to send us pictures and stories that you'd like to share. This one is all about you, Lets Stay Connected!


Last, but certainly not least, is our contact page! This is where you'll find the locations and phone numbers for both of our offices. 

**NEW FEATURE** Skip the phone calls! We now offer a form at the bottom of our Contact page so you can request appointments, ask questions, or even inquire about employment!

We look forward to growing and changing with you, and here's to a great new year!

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